Math In Programming – Do You Really Need It?

When ten years ago someone asked me “what do you want to do when you grow up?” I answered, “I wanna be an IT guy”. Then the person asked another question: “do you know that you will have to learn and understand Math?”. I answered yes and kept this in my mind for the next ten years.

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Home Coding School – Books

You’ve probably been using books since the first years at the school. You got used to learning from them. It doesn’t matter what you want to learn – physics, cooking, sports, photography – you always take a book. It’s the same with learning how to write code. You can find many programming books in your favorite bookstore and you probably spend tens of hours on selecting the right one.

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How to Get the Most Out Of University

University years provide students with many opportunities to gain a huge amount of knowledge. This, however, may require some extra effort and initiative.

The new academic year is about to start, so this is a good time to share with you some ideas on how to get the most out of university. They can be useful for both new students and those closer to graduation.

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