Stop making those weird gestures, start typing!

I think that it is the best time to connect oldschool-boring password typing with new-fresh-visionary gesture recognition. I hope that connection like this is going to provide appropriate usability for boys and girls, old and young.

In the following post I’m going to describe how to adjust code created in the Handling user gestures post to use both characters and gestures. I will also describe how I resolved usability issues and how the application handles the backspace key usage.

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Handling user gestures

During the short planning session I decided that at first I should implement gestures handling in the front-end application. This feature will be developed with jQuery library.

There are a few strategies how to detect sequence of gestures. First one assumes that the application recognizes mouse movement and, basing on the time between each of the moves, is able to establish if a gesture drawing is completed. This solution has some limitations. The main one is a problem with splitting moves into separate ones. If a user moves a pointer to the top and backward, as preparation to the next gesture (due to e.g. screen resolution), then application won’t be able to recognize that the top-bottom move shouldn’t be treated as part of the password.

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