GN2017 contest is over

I would like to thank everyone of you who supported me during this 3 months journey. Your tips gave me the strength that helped me to create better content and write better code. If you are interested in more details – read more. Thank you!

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How I became enlightened – Aksesi as a proxy

At the last Friday’s afternoon, when I was doing housework, I came up with an idea about Aksesi’s development direction. It just appeared in my mind. Before I started this project I had only known that it will be an application that will allow to authenticate a user with gestures usage. After some time, I decided to support also characters and then I realized that it would be nice to have back-end service that will perform all computations.

In this post, I’m describing my idea with the majority of adopted conventions. I want to mention that this idea will probably change many times.

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