CQ-Shop – Event Storming

Event Storming is a term that receives more attention every day. In this post, I’m describing what Event Storming is, how I tried it and how you can benefit from using this technique. Although it is not a new thing (introduced it in 2013), I haven’t met it in the corporate world.

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Math In Programming – Do You Really Need It?

When ten years ago someone asked me “what do you want to do when you grow up?” I answered, “I wanna be an IT guy”. Then the person asked another question: “do you know that you will have to learn and understand Math?”. I answered yes and kept this in my mind for the next ten years.

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Live templates in JetBrains products

“Live Templates” is one of many features that JetBrains software comes with. It is common that developers need to repeat certain lines of code over and over again. When you are fed up with writing the same piece of code every time you need it, then you start looking for it in the sources to simply copy and paste it. Not only is this very time-consuming, but also frustrating. It is easy to imagine that you need to repeatedly use Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V when in a hurry, and using a mouse to select a text makes it even harder. In such cases, live templates can save your time.

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Rzeszów Hackathon – LIVE

Today we are taking part in Rzeszów Hackathon. Our team consists of 4 members – Bartek, Vlad, Michał and me. By the way, you should know Bartek and Michał from the post Pekaton – 24-godzinny hackaton. At the beginning, I want to mention that in this post I’m not going to reveal project’s main idea and implementation details. This is because some of ours competitors may read it (good luck guys ;)). Maybe we will share a few hints. Since the start, this post will be updated every hour, at least I hope so.

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Do you really know how to use GitHub?

Almost all of us use GitHub on a daily basis. We usually work with it in two ways. Firstly, as a version control system which helps us to develop applications. Secondly, as a library of projects written by other programmers. Sometimes we use their code in our applications. Today I want to show you that GitHub is a multidimensional tool and can be used for things not necessarily connected with coding.

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Work like a professional

At the beginning of this week, I took part in the lecture about fast coding with IntelliJ. Its main goal was to show participants that they can speed up development with tools which are available in IntelliJ IDEA. This event inspired me to write a post about my experience with working with different IDEs, especially IntelliJ.

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If you are following my blog then it is obvious for you that I’m programmer. Not all of you know that I’m also an amateur runner. I have been running for almost 5 years of which 3 years of racing (except 2016). I have run a lot of 10km races, several half-marathons, and a few marathons. In this posts, I’m going to show you where I have found a connection between running and programming, and how they affect each other.

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Bitspiration Festiwal

Jedną z nagród w Pekatonie były wejściówki na Bitspiration Festiwal. W niedzielę 5 czerwca około godziny 12:00 wrócilismy do domów po 24-godzinnym hackatonie, a o 23:00 siedzieliśmy na Skype organizując wyjazd do Warszawy, ponieważ Bitspiration zaczynał się o 09:00 dnia następnego. Z Krakowa wyjechaliśmy o 05:45, w Warszawie byliśmy grubo po 08:00.

Żaden z nas nie znał wcześniej wydarzenia o nazwie Bitspiration. Cała nasza wiedza na ten temat opierała się na informacjach znalezionych w Internecie. Organizatorzy opisywali festiwal jako

The conference where technology, startups & music clash to inspire revolutionary solutions!

Brzmi nieźle.

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