my name is Mateusz, I’m an IT student and programmer with a few years of commercial experience. I’ve been into programming since I was 12.

My programming interests focus mainly on back-end programming – from simple web applications to big enterprise systems. In the recent months, I’ve spent a great deal of time studying microservice architecture and artificial intelligence solutions.

My enterprise experience ranges from programming e-commerce systems and banking applications to developing static analysis tools and plugins.

I used to store my notes on a hard drive, paper cards, or in a cloud. One day I decided to formalize them and share with other developers on a blog – and here it is. Some of the posts discuss results of my research, others are documentation for problems that required more effort than I expected to resolve.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email mateusz@mateuszbrycki.com or contact form.

You can also find me on: