Data WorkShop Tour Kraków – a Saturday with Machine Learning

DataWorkshop Tour is a series of workshops about Machine Learning organized in several Polish cities. I took part in the first one organized in Cracow. Vladimir Alekseichenko, whom you may know from the Biznes Myśli podcast, is the trainer and organizer.

The main idea of the workshop is to show participants the basics of a practical approach to Machine Learning.  


The workshop took place in the new Miquido office. The office is beautiful and seems to be comfortable. The views are amazing – if you look out the window, you can see the entire Cracow. The office is well connected to the city center so you don’t have to spend much time in traffic jams.


The organizers provided us with all the things we needed: notebooks, Internet access, and the programming-ready Jupyter environment.

They sent us links to Jupyter notebooks so that we could revise the material after the workshop.

In addition, Wojtek – who was helping Vladimir – gave us a list of books that are worth reading if you are interested in ML, AI, and statistics.


The workshop covered the basics of Machine Learning. During the first session, the trainers introduced us to numpy and pandas – the libraries that were necessary during the event.

The second session covered developing a model based on DummyClassifier, DecisionTrees, and Random Forrest. Vladimir briefly introduced the theory behind these algorithms, and it was our task to make them work.

The next session was focused on one of the most challenging tasks – feature engineering. We were trying to develop a set of features that would result in the best accuracy possible. We used Adult Data Set as a source of features.

The last session covered one of the most common problems in Machine Learning – overfitting. The trainers explained how we can recognize and minimize it. They developed an interactive example so that we could try playing with overfitting.

Every session was focused on practical usage of the described terms. There were a lot of examples and few technical/mathematical details so everyone could understand it.

All the sessions covered the basics of the introduced topics. If you sum everything up, it will result in the basics of Machine Learning. After the workshop, you should know enough so as not to get lost in the network of technical terms when learning on your own.


This was a very important part of the event. The organizers paid a lot of attention to networking – they scheduled time and prepared exercises that helped people get together and make a conversation. After the workshop, we continued our discussions and exchanged opinions on different topics, making new and promising connections


The workshop was perfectly organized. The communication with organizers was great. There were no spam messages – we only received clear workshop-related notifications. They provided us a Slack space so we could introduce ourselves at the start and stay connected once we finished.

During the workshop, everything was on time, according to the agenda. The presentations were well-tailored so we didn’t run out of time.

To sum up, DataWorkshop Tour Kraków was a great event that helped us take the first steps in Machine Learning. A lot of examples made it easier for everyone to understand the complicated terms underlying this field. It was a great opportunity to extend the professional network by meeting people interested in the same areas.

If you are looking for a concise introduction to the Machine Learning world and opportunities to extend your professional network, I recommend taking part in DataWorkshop Tour. You won’t be disappointed.

DataWorkshop Team – great work! Good luck in the future 😉


Edited by: Anna

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