GN2017 contest is over

I would like to thank everyone of you who supported me during this 3 months journey. Your tips gave me the strength that helped me to create better content and write better code. If you are interested in more details – read more. Thank you!

I would like to remind you that all of the sources are available in my Github repository. Moreover, in the README file, you can find short project description with its main assumptions.

There are many winners

I’m not the only one who won Get Noticed competition. Everyone who managed to write posts during these 3 months won. Everyone who developed a project won. Everyone who learned something new is a winner. Everyone who proved something is a winner. Everyone who raised the bar higher is a winner. There are a lot of winners.

In last few days I’m reading a lot of posts with summaries. Almost all of those guys are complaining that X went wrong, Y is not good enough. Generally speaking, disaster. What is wrong with you? You wrote about 20 technical posts (~7 per month). You were able to connect your school/work/family/friends with developing an awesome project and writing about it twice a week. Do you really think that it went that bad? Weren’t those 3 months worth it?

You don’t know how close to failure I was…

…but luckily I changed my mind. And, similarly to you, I won it.

Aksesi Project

As I wrote in the previous post the Aksesi Application is ready in 98%. The missing part is connected with the neural network configuration and shape.

The frontend module works without any issues. The backend service is able to resolve basic gestures and communicate with authentication endpoints. Moreover, it uses the neural network for gestures recognition. The API application is working in the proxy mode.

Detailed information about the project and its sources are available in my Github repository. Moreover, in the README file, you can find short project’s description with its main assumptions.

And here is a sample of how the application works:

Last three months

I have had very productive time since March 2017. In the Get Noticed 2017 category, I have written 25 posts. Almost all of them are pretty good and essential. The majority of them describes very deep technical problems and provides working solutions. In the table below you can see that they are connected with a wide variety of topics: security, AI, architecture, Java, JS, etc. There is only one article that might have never been published.

N Post Java JavaScript Security AI IT related Architecture Bullshit
1 Daj się poznać 2017 – 3, 2, 1…start 1 1
2 Handling user gestures 1
3 Stop making those weird gestures, start typing! 1
4 How I became enlightened – Aksesi as a proxy 1 1
5 At the red-green-refactor carousel – implementing conversion unit 1 1
6 Is mixed password secure? 1 1
7 Improving Aksesi usability – refactoring frontend 1
8 Winter has gone, spring has come. Let’s integrate it. 1 1
9 Progrunning 1
10 Cleaning 1 1
11 Killing chaos and monotony 1 1
12 First authentication request has been sent 1 1 1
13 Work like a professional 1
14 Do you really know how to use GitHub? 1
15 FOR loop is no longer cool 1
16 Encapsulation and forwarding 1 1
17 Quick Action #3 – Facebook JS SDK 1
18 Shopping time – Bootique 1 1
19 Change is the only constant – a few words about keeping up 1
20 Planning vol. 2 1 1
21 Artificial Intelligence on the board 1 1
22 Aligning, resizing and normalization 1
23 Rzeszów Hackathon – LIVE 1
24 Preparing for the last battle – gestures generation 1 1
25 That’s all – support for a neural network 1 1
Summary 11 7 2 4 8 7 1

What makes me feel satisfied is that during last 3 months I haven’t broken my running training. I did 43 running sessions from my training plan. At the beginning of the competition, I was aware that I won’t be able to mix those activities. Now I can certainly say that it was possible. I feel that I’m in the best running shape I have ever been. The final test is scheduled for 17th of June – Wrocław Halfmarathon. Wish me luck!

Moreover, in that time I wrote an article for the MiG – Młodzież i Gospodarka magazine – “Pierwsze kroki w branży IT“. Here you can read it.

This time was also productive if it comes about my English skills. Not only have I been writing posts in English but also I have been attending extra English lessons. By writing posts, I learned a lot of useful structures. I have read many language-related articles that I wouldn’t even have been looking for a few months ago.

Of course, there are some failures and small disadvantages of participating in the contest. The most important one is that I lost my habit of reading books. I used to read two or three books per month. Now the average slightly lower. The other one is that I stopped learning Spanish. That is my second or third break in learning this language. I have to find a better solution for progressing in it.

Get Noticed winner is selected amongst the others in voting. Every participant of the contest is allowed to vote. It means that it is important to be recognized by the community. I ought to have spent more time interacting with people taking part in the GN competition. But, since the very beginning, I knew that I could choose only two of the following: blogging, programming or networking.

Lesson learnt

By developing Aksesi, I gained knowledge about many technical aspects of tools I have used. I don’t want to sum it up in this post. I covered everything in previous 25 articles. By taking part in the Get Noticed I learned how crucial it is to master in planning your time.

It may seem easy but it was quite challenging to mix working (8h x 5 days), writing posts (3h per post), building an application (min 8h per week), running (min 2h x 4-5 days) and extra English lessons (1,5h x 3 days). To all of those things, I should add time spent with family and friends.

Another thing I learned is that nobody would die if you publish a low-quality post.  It is important to realize it when you are a perfectionist. From my point of view, it is completely fine when sometimes not everything is perfect. Of course, I do not want to encourage you to post poorly written posts. Do your best every time!

The third thing is very personal. From now on I’m no longer afraid of publishing my work and thoughts.



Well, that is all for today. If you want to follow articles on this blog you could:

In the near future, I’ll create dedicated Facebook Page which will be aggregating all of the content published on this blog. Stay tuned.

EDIT: Maciek just announced that I’m amongst 184 finalists. YEA! Congratulations guys!


The competition is over. I was not chosen as one of 25 the best competitors. As I mentioned in the 1st paragraph, I feel that I won something more. Here you can find the list of winners. Again, congratulations!

But there is something more. Ceneo, one of the contest partners, decided to give me a special prize. Today I received a package:

Thank you so much. I’m happy that you like both my blog and project!

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