Rzeszów Hackathon – LIVE

Today we are taking part in Rzeszów Hackathon. Our team consists of 4 members – Bartek, Vlad, Michał and me. By the way, you should know Bartek and Michał from the post Pekaton – 24-godzinny hackaton. At the beginning, I want to mention that in this post I’m not going to reveal project’s main idea and implementation details. This is because some of ours competitors may read it (good luck guys ;)). Maybe we will share a few hints. Since the start, this post will be updated every hour, at least I hope so.

UPDATE – 18:30 (19.05)

First 30 minutes we spent on planning next 24 hours. We decided what we want to show at the project’s presentation. This decision automatically allowed us to create TODO list for next incoming hours. Now, everyone is configuring developer’s workspace. Moreover, in the meantime, we are creating basic project’s construction.

UPDATE – 19:30 (19.05)

Pizza time. A few slices of pizza and we are back to work. We had a short conversation with one of the jurors. It seems that we duplicated idea of an application that already exists. Well, doesn’t matter. The juror gave us a promise that he’ll send us the application name. It will be required to verify it 😉

UPDATE – 21:10 (19.05)

From the backend point of view, we are able to persist the most important entity in the application – Message. The mobile application is getting better whereas the web part is still in its initial stage. It may seem very strange but we haven’t had too many problems with javax.persistatnce annotations. Probably thanks to Michał knowledge and experience.

UPDATE – 22:20 (19.05)

We had had a pizza time, so it was time for a barbecue and beer. Applications are being developed slowly but progress is visible.

UPDATE – 23:40 (19.05)

Another hour of intensive work. All of the developer’s workspaces are set up. From now on we can concentrate only on development. Minute by minute both the frontend and the mobile applications are getting fancier features. The repository is burning.

UPDATE – 01:10 (20.05)

The mobile application has its main components created. We have to integrate it with the REST API. Some UI improvements are also required. The web application is also progressing. The backend is all the time changed to match requirements set by UI applications. We started to feel a bit tired but it is not a good moment for sleeping 🙂

UPDATE – 02:50 (20.05)

A cup of coffee, a bottle of water, a cup of coffee. a bottle of water. Everyone is trying to not fall asleep. The 90% of the API is done, the mobile app requires a few UI improvements and this part will be completed.

UPDATE – 04:50 (20.05)

The API seems to be fully implemented. Right now we are working with the web application, other than Bartek who is involved in finishing the mobile application. Vlad, Michał and me are working on the web application – developed in Angular. Bartek is still working with React Native on the mobile application.

UPDATE – 06:20 (20.05)

Everyone is still working. The mobile application is ready to integrate with REST API. In the web module, we are doing simple UI improvements. Some small changes in the API were required, nothing big.

UPDATE – 09:20 (20.05)

It’s been three hours since the last update. The mobile application is almost ready, maybe 5% left. The web application started to look very good. Now we are able to provide basic services of our idea. In next 2 or 3 hours, we’ll start preparing for presentation part.

UPDATE – 11:10 (20.05)

We are finalizing the last topics connected with UI and extended functionalities.

UPDATE – 14:10 (20.05)

All of the applications are finished. We are preparing a presentation. As far as we know, we will be given a minute in the eliminations and then 3 minutes on the stage.

UPDATE – 15:00 (20.05)

Let’s start the last part of Rzeszów Hackhaton. At the beginning, we have to present our idea to the jury. We have 1 minute to show the application and prove them that it is worth to give us more time. They will decide if we will be allowed to present the application on the stage.

UPDATE – 17:30 (20.05)

We failed in 1-minute presentation and we were not allowed to present Metly application on the stage. I’m watching the others projects. There were plenty of very good ideas.


Hackathon is over. We were not selected for the top 3 of projects in the category we started. What can I say? Congratulations for all of the participants, especially for teams that won in particular categories. I would like to congratulate organizers of this event. VERY GOOD JOB! Thanks for the food, amazing Internet connection, gifts, venue, and atmosphere. Chapeau bas. All of these made that I will remember this event for long and, in the next year, we’ll be back stronger!

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