Do you really know how to use GitHub?

Almost all of us use GitHub on a daily basis. We usually work with it in two ways. Firstly, as a version control system which helps us to develop applications. Secondly, as a library of projects written by other programmers. Sometimes we use their code in our applications. Today I want to show you that GitHub is a multidimensional tool and can be used for things not necessarily connected with coding.


Yes, GitHub can be used as a portfolio. Not only do designers need a portfolio, programmers also. There are many reasons why we should care about our personal brand. A portfolio is one of the tools that help in the whole process. More about personal branding I’m going to write in the dedicated post.

I can say that a GitHub account is as important as a LinkedIn account. As a proof, I can tell you that I’ve received a few job offers through GitHub. Moreover, those companies were not small local brands but leaders in the IT world.

It is worth to spend some time on tuning our GitHub profile. Put there a contact email or a website address, write something about yourself.

Same if it comes about README files in repositories. Short project’s description will be helpful for a person looking at your code. If a project is something more than just application or represents a small part of a whole infrastructure, write about it in the description. GitHub does not charge a fee for exceeding the word limit. The more you write, the better impression it will leave.

Progress measurement

I used to feel a bit ashamed every time I looked at my old projects. Those projects were written very poorly. Without design patterns, frameworks or development tools and, of course, with lots of bugs.

As I said, I used to. Back then, I realized that it is completely fine to see mistakes. If I didn’t see them then it would mean that I haven’t done any progress in the recent years. Now I like to take a moment to look into this code. Furthermore, sometimes I have thoughts like: “dude, it is a very nice chunk of code. When you were writing it you were only 16 years old“.

You can ask “how is it connected to the GitHub?”. The answer is thanks to GitHub I have instant access to the old projects. I had put them there when I was looking for job opportunities. Of course, I have backups on the external drive but I cannot remember the last time I spent a while browsing and analyzing it.

Recently I made some of those projects public. I decided that it would be nice to show a progress I’ve done over the years. The oldest project, spary-cs, was written in 2011 when I was a student in a high school. It was the very first project in which I used object oriented programming. Spary-cs allows to schedule a match between two Counter-Strike teams. Honestly, after over 6 years I’m still proud of it. If you ask me about the definition of “perseverance” then I will describe you the process of developing this project. It is a long story and I’ll write more about the spary-cs project in the future.


As you can see there are at least 4 ways in which you can use GitHub. It is your code container, control system, portfolio and backup with instant access. I believe that there are a few more fields in which this application can be used. As you can see it is a powerful tool. Regardless of how you use it, you should care about a GitHub profile and keep it updated.

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