Changes, improvements, updates

Those of you who are more perceptive probably noticed that a lot of things on this blog has changed.

The first thing doesn’t matter for you, but it’s important for me. I enabled HTTPS so the page is no longer available through HTTP. The secure version of mentioned protocol not only makes this blog safer but also more friendly for web search engines like Google.

Secondly, I decided to write everything here in English. It took me about half of a year to make this decision. Posts written for “Get noticed” competition showed me that it is possible and, sometimes, very fun. Up till now, I’ve translated theme elements and “About” page. This change made the blog a little bit inconsistent because the majority of the posts is written in Polish. I’m going to translate them but I don’t know when.

Another thing, theme. I’m doing everything I can to make this blog more reader friendly. As you can see, since today’s morning, the navigation bar is floating. It is hidden when you scroll down, and appears when you scroll up. I also reformatted next/previous post section. Not only does it show arrows, but also titles of next/previous posts. Additionally, I added post thumbnail section. If the post has a thumbnail set, then it is displayed “under” the title.

The last thing, and I hope the most useful for you, is the box with popular posts. This box allows you to follow trending posts and read connected articles. The box is shown on an article page, on the main page and on a category page.

I hope you like described improvements. I would be grateful if you could give me any feedback. If you have any problems with any of those changes, please contact me.

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